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The sutamayansna or traditional knowledge could be wrong for the following reasons.

1.  ßussutampi hoti - It could be a well-heard information that is heard well.
2.  ∂ussutampi hoti – It could be wrong information  heard wrongly
3.   TathApi hoti – It could be so (as taught by tradition)
4.  åJJathApi hoti – It could be otherwise

In this methodology, because the truth cannot be acquired as it is and there could arise the problems of untrustworthiness.  The Buddha says sutamayaJAna is not the most correct way to get the knowledge of reality.

In the KAlamasutta of AN III, the Buddha puts aside six other ways of getting knowledge that come under traditional way.

1.  ånussava – Knowledge from hearing
2.  ParamparA – Knowledge from tradition
3.  PitasampadA – Knowledge from texts
4.  îtikirA – Knowledge from some body saying it is so
5.  samaNo garu – Knowledge from respect to the teacher
6.  BabbarApatA – Knowledge from suitability of person

These six ways also according to Buddhism are not proper ways to get correct knowledge on reality.

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