Saturday, 26 March 2011

Assigning Duties to each Caste (svadharma)


Vedic religious text assigned duties for each and every caste as follows

Duties of Brahmins:
ådyapana madyayanam - yajanaM yajanam tatha,
dAnaa pratigrahanam chaiva - brahmanana makalpayat.

=Teaching, learning, performing sacrifices, caused others to perform sacrifices and       Receiving offerings are the duties of Brahmins”

Duties of kings:-
PrajAnaM raksanaM dAna vidyAdyayanamevaca,
viSayeZuca praśaktiZca - kSastriyasya samAyataH.

=Protecting people, performing sacrifices, learning due arts and crafts and being able to do own works well are the duties of a warrior.”

Duties of Vaiśyas:-
PaśunaM rakSanam dana - vidyadyayanamevaca,
vanikpattaM kusIdaJca - vaiśasya kRSi mevaca.

=Keeping live stock, studying the traditional fork of family, agriculture and business are the duties of vaiśyas.”

Duties of śudras
 “Ekamevatu śudrasya -  prabuH karma samAdiSat,
etesAmeva varNAnam - susrUya manuZusuya.

=The only duty for śudras is serving about the three varNas diligently, obediently with the absence of jealous.”

In this duty, again the superiority and power of Brahmins and other two high castes were established.

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