Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Knowledges and Powers Possessed by the Buddha but Not by Arahants


To study the nature of the Buddha the mahasihanadasutta of MN is a fundamental primary source. It was preached on an occasion when Sunakkhatta, the Licchavi son when underestimated the value of the Buddha. According to Sunakkhatta, the Buddha did not have anything special other than the normal human beings, He preaches for end of suffering what is applicable to His knowledge. When the Buddha came to know this information through Venerable Sariputta, said that Sunakkhatta utters so because he is unable to realize the reality of the Buddha and His teachings. The path taught by the Buddha is the only path to do away the suffering.

According to literary evidences there is a difference knowledge of the Buddha and the Arahants that is, there is no even a single Arahant whose knowledge is similar to that of the Buddha in every aspect. Once, venerable Ānanda says following to Brahmin Gopakamoggallāna.

ñatthi kho brAhmaNa eka bhikkhumpi tehi dhammehi sabbena sabbaM, sabbattha sabbaM samannAgato, yehi dhammehi samannAgato so bhagavA arahaM sammA sambuddho.                                                                                                 
                                                        (Gopakamoggallānasutta, MN)

=Indeed, O Brahmin! There is no even a single monk; who in all and every way possessed with those doctrines which the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Fully Enlightened One possesses.”

The µahAsIhanAdasutta of MN and Dasakanipata of AN records ten special qualities (dasabala) that are found only in Sammā Sambuddha but not in Arahants.

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