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In this method he used to teach varieties of presentation. To achieve the purpose given above the Buddha preaches dhamma in various ways. In the üdAgisutta of AN the Buddha gives five principles to be followed by the preacher when he is preaching.

1.  ånupubbīkathaM = Presentation of dhamma with gradual talk.
2.  PariyAyadassAvi = Presentation of dhamma in various ways.
3.  ånuddayakathaM = Presentation of dhamma with compassion.
4.  ña Amisantaro = Presentation of dhamma without expecting for material things.
5.  åttAnaJca paraJca anupahacca desanA = Presentation of dhamma without contrasting oneself o others.

PariyAyadesanA means preaching the dhamma in various ways; this has been discussed in the Bahuvedaniyasutta of MN when Buddha preached Ānanda that “O Ānanda! I have preached dhamma in various ways (pariyAyadesito kho Ānanda mayA dhammo).” Later Buddhist School adopted this idea in their presentation of dhamma. It was Theravādins who thought that the traditional ways should be followed without changed, but the other Schools adopted different ways of their own in explaining the dhamma.

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