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The second group rationalists are called takkIvImaMsI; they accepted the knowledge received through arguments as absolute knowledge that is called cintamaya paJJA. åccording to ßandakasutta of MN their method also wrong and it is not the way of correct knowledge. Here also the Buddha’s knowledge of rejection depends on four propositions.

1.  ßutakkitampi hoti – It could be well argued fact on a correct thing
2.  ∂uttakkitampi hoti – It could be wrongly argued fact on wrong thing
3.   TathApi hoti – It could be so
4.  åJJathApi hoti – It could be otherwise

In KAlamasutta again four ways of acquiring knowledge adopted by rationalists are put aside by Buddhist understanding of getting knowledge.

1.   Takka hetu – Knowledge from logic
2.  ñaya hetu – Knowledge from theory
3.   ĀkAra parivitakka – Knowledge from suitability
4.  ∂iTThinijjhAnakkhanti – Knowledge from alikeness to own view

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