Saturday, 26 March 2011

Manañcapaticca dhamme ca uppajjati mano viññāNam


At some occasions, the term Dhamma is used in the sense of objects of mind. According to the sentence above the term Dhamma here stands for experiences of all spheres (bhava). All that is the object of mind is mentioned as ‘sabbe dhammA’ for all they are psychologically born. The KiMmUlakasutta of AN says the following.

ChandamUlakA Avuso sabbe dhammA
manasikAra sambhavA sabbe dhammA.

=All mental factors are will-based,
All mental factors are one-pointedness-based.

Therefore when all the mental states are clean there are no any debates or misunderstanding in worldly things.
ßabbesu dhammesu samUhatesu,
samUhatA vAdapathApi sabbe.

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