Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fundamental Teachings in Veda and üpaniSad Texts


Nothing comes in human history spontaneously Buddhism is also can be considered as the culmination of Indian religious thought that was launched the search of eternal spiritual happiness. Before the Buddha many other Indians and even the men of other lands strived for achieving permanent spiritual happiness, since the first day of human history in which men realized the unsatisfactoriness of life on earth. They thought and search for happiness both secular and spiritual, all the sciences came as a result of search of human being for secular happiness and all the religions came as a result of human beings search for spiritual happiness.

To understand the uniqueness of Buddhism, therefore, we have to study Buddhism in comparison with pre-buddhist religions and contemporary religions of Buddhism.

Thee most ancient Indian religious literature existing up to present time is the Vedic literature. At sometime there was a belief that Vedas are the first origin of Indian religio-philosophical but later towards the north-west of India ruins of two ancient civilizations were found. They are:
1)  µohendojAro and
2)   Harappa.

Now it is accepted that the historical origin of religious and philosophical thoughts in India are more ancient than Vedic period. Therefore the original seeds of post-Vedic religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Ajivikism are not traced to Vedic literature which established Vedic religion but to pre-Vedic civilization given. Accordingly Indian religious philosophical thought it evolved in two streams.

1.   Indus valley civilization (µohendojAro & Harappa). The civilizations that were there before the Aryan invasion.
2.   Indo-Aryan civilization that developed invading the first one by migrating nation called Aryans.      

Ideologists like D.D. Kosambi, Steurt Pigot mentioned that Aryan invasion is a destruction of a well developed civilization. It adds nothing progressive to the Indian thought, they invaded not an uncivilized area but it was a well developed civilization.

Aryans who were migrants changed to be static dwellers in India. They changed from live-stock keeping to agriculture it was the beginning of Vedic civilization. They also absorbed cultural features of indigenous people although there were well developed religious thoughts in pre-Aryan culture, Aryans developed some concepts related to God or Gods as their religious ideas

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