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The talk on own higherness means another level of following gradual talk. To person whose mind is prepared with gradual talk to them the Buddha used to preach with this method. In level he is directly drown to Four Noble Truths to accept with knowledge of cause and effect of good and bad.

åtha yA buddhAnam sAmukkaMsika desanA tam pakasesi, dukkham, samudayam, nirodhaM maggaM. seyyathApi nAma suddhaM vatthaM apagata kAlakaM sammadeva rajanaM patigaNheyya, evameva tesaM tasmiM yeva Asane virajaM vItamalaM dhammacakkhaM udapAdi yaM kiJci samudayadhammaM sabbaM taM nirodha dhammanti. te diTThadhammA pattadhammA honti.

=Then whatever the Buddha’s talk on own higherness was preached (such as) unsatisfactoriness, arising of unsatisfactoriness, cessation unsatisfactoriness and the path to cease; such as a pure cloth that is free from stain would accept the coloring well, in the same way to them, on those seats themselves the eye of dhamma free from dust and dirt arose (as) “whatever is of the nature of arising, they are of the nature of ceasing.” They are those who saw and approached dhamma.”

This means establishing oneself firmly in the path of right view, such a person is no more a worldliness. The Buddha preaches to achieve this purpose.

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