Saturday, 26 March 2011



This is translated as the knower of the world. The world (loka) is threefold
1.  KAmaloka – Sensual sphere
2.  Arpaloka – Form sphere
3.  årupaloka – formless sphere

The Buddha is called lokavīdu for He is endowed with most profound knowledge of these three worlds. Another meaning for lokavīdu is knowing the end of these three worlds that is nibbana. World is again analyzed as bAhiraloka (external world) and santAnagataloka (internal world). External world means the philosophical world system including the earth and other thousand planets. Internal world means the function of mind and its object. The Buddha is called lokavīdu for He is fully aware of both these worlds. The Buddha knows the reality causes of arising cessation and way to cease of this internal world.

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