Saturday, 26 March 2011



This means gradual Talk. The Buddha preaches in a gradual method according to the mental capacities and understanding of the listener. If the listener’s mind is not matured to understand the Four Noble Truths the doctrine will be preached to prepare his mind to accept them. That preparedness of mind is endowed with following qualities.

1.   Suitable to be directed to Dhamma – Kallacitta
2.   Soft mind – µuducitta
3.   Freed mind from defilements – VinIvaraNacitta
4.   Contented mind – üdaggacitta
5.   Pleasant mind – Passannacitta

“To prepare mind in this manner the talks on generosity, morality, heaven, bad results of sensual desire, lowness of sensual desire, impurities and the good results of renunciation are preached.”

Tesam bhagava anupubbIkatham kathesi, seyyathIdam dAnakathaM, sIlakatham, saggakatham, kamanam Adinavam, okAram, sagkilesam, nekkhamme ca Anisamsum pakaseti.

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