Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Properly Chew Your Food

The chewing of its food is the first step in the digestive process. The enzymes with long range in their salivated will work l' food as of qu' it enters its mouth. Also, to swallow will Mordecai large l' food it is dangerous, as they can be easily placed in their throat, while cutting circulation d' air. It is thus important d' to learn how with masticate correctly its food, to not only help in digestion, but also to avoid the d' risk; obstacle. Continued to read to learn how with masticate correctly its food.

1 Put a quantity at a side of the vast hour for each meal, so that you are sure d' to have enough time of masticar its food correctly. Try not to eat tandis qu' he works, while leading or when you are d' another manner in going.

2 Coma in an atmosphere relaxed provided qu' it is possible. Avoid the exhausting adjustments, the noisy music or the discussions heated if you can. These classes d' adjustments can l' to influence to eat more quickly and less carefully.

3 Cut its food in small, handy pieces. Squares that d' a half - inch are around on the right for the meats, fish and other pieces larger than of l' food.

4 Mastique each mouthful of l' in-depth food, masticando between 25 and 50 times. The number will vary with each person. Size, the type, l' age and d' other factors can all contribute to its l' and outputs; damages of what east salivated.

5 Follow the empirical rule: if you can still determine which a little you are l' food in its mouth by texture only (not taste), haven' ; T him masticó enough. For example, if you eat emparedado club and you can still say the difference between the bread, lettuce, turkey and bacon by texture, keep in the chewing.

6 Mastique the semi-fluid food, like yoghourt, hardly like you them solid. While you may be who takes few chews slightly, it is important d' to obtain the enzymes in its operation of what east salivated. This arrives only with the chewing.

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