Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Import Goods from China

Agreements of free trade between l' America and China simplified l' importation. The parcel deliveries express (e.g., UPS, DHL and Fedex) have important axes of the distribution by the means of China, with guaranteed 24 deliveries of the according to-day of l' hour between d' important cities in China and l' America. The customs provisions are still rigorous in Algol  good N of China; but including the small holders business and individuals they can directly make deal with Chinese businesses. Continued to read to learn more.


1 Start to import goods of China while finding with the best distributor; to treat d' directly; a factory it is incredibly difficult even for the Chinese loudspeakers. A runner or an agent will require the better price around. Based on the size of l' order, the runners and the agents of the manufacturer they can obtain a decent handing-over in the price.

2 Markets on line of the attempt like giant of China. Alibaba is a giant collection of the small one with the great businesses which offer each conceivable product. Many of these “businesses” are retailers. They act like runners with the manufacturers and the distributors and will mine any person to obtain a division. Alibaba is the best place to find which is for the sale in China.

3 Division directly with an agent reputable. L' sending with Chinese customs requires an agent d' expert professional sending. L' agent must be authorized with the Chinese government to send in overseas. All the goods must have several official documents to accompany by d' them with the process of the customs house.

4 Learn the American payments for l' importation. The textile matters are an article very difficult to import of China being given the overproduction in China and the attempts of the government of the USA to protect l' American textile industry. The Chinese government classified the silk scarves painted like works d' art to take account of greatest export in America.

5 It imports an minor amount of goods for l' personal use and pay a minimal quantity d' tax. N' do not test d' to import great sending on a basis to regulate them and require like gifts to avoid paying duties. The quantity of tariff is paid with l' time of the delivery, or fixed by at l' time of l' sending if sends with an agent d' sending express train dispatched like UPS.

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