Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Import a Car From the United States Into Canada

Importation d' a car of the United States in Canada should not be a difficult process, well qu' there is d' important steps which you will have need to follow. If you import a car for his own personal use or you l' bring in the country to sell it, the procedure is equal. Continued to read to learn how to import a car of the United States in Canada.

Before you it imports his car 

1 Vérifiez the list of Canada of the transport of acceptable vehicles of the United States to see whether its car can be imported, and if it must be modified, to fill of the Canadian conditions. The list of acceptable vehicles covers the vehicles of passengers, the cars, those connected, the motor cycles and what is snowmobiles which is less than 15 years, as well as the vehicles field with crossing manufactured after May 1, 1988 and the buses manufactured after January 1, 1971.

2 Obtain a letter of the separation of memory of the authorized authorized distributor or the manufacturer d' original equipment of its car. The letter of the separation of memory it is absolutely necessary to pass l' federal inspection. You can call the manufacturer and provide his number d' identification of vehicle to make research on very memory outstanding.

3 Obtain any information of the modification of the manufacturer or the authorized authorized distributor, including costs and divides the availability for quelqu' necessary modifications. Any cost of the modification is jusqu' with the owner of car.

4 Determine any additional costs, including rate and taxes, by the customs Canada and of l' production arranges which comes into contact with. L' agency can reached in (506) 636-5064 of Canada external there (800) 461-9999 to Canada.

5 Cerciórese of which you have all the red tape which you need for his car. You need the documents of title, the roles of the register, the receipts of the sales, a declaration of conformity and the letter of the separation of memory.

6 Discover on the inspections or of the emissions of safety prove this d' need; to be made. There can also be provincial or territorial conditions additional. You must fix for l' insurance for its car before l' to be essential to make the easiest process.

To cross border

1 It is ready to show its documents titrates, register and receipts of the sales.

2 manner Manner 1 of l' Finishes; importation of the vehicle, qu' a civil servant of customs of Canada will provide. You must have a Canadian direction of the mail to finish it. Once the manner is complete, maintain a copy its car jusqu' with this qu' it is authorized in Canada.

3 Pay with secretary fees imported vehicles after the accounts - cheques of the civil servant of customs his number d' identification of vehicle and the declaration of the manufacturer of l' label conformity for s' to ensure of the phosphorus of the numbers. Fees nonrefundable from $182 are necessary for all the provinces, except Quebec where it is the $197 fees. To pay with customs of Canada it will have to use with a commander of the credit card. Customs of Canada n' do not accept effective nor check it. To pay by order of the cheque or l' money, you will need l' to send to the secretary imported vehicles.  

Once the car is in Canada

1 Recevez a letter of the secretary of the imported vehicles, which must be waited within 10 day.The letter will detail the steps necessary that you must admit order to bring its vehicle in conformity.

2 Finish the modifications with its vehicle within 45 day to cross the border. L' act of Canadian safety of motor vehicle allows that the modifications are carried out by the mechanic of their option. Its particular manufacturer of the vehicle can ask that you use an authorized distributor or with an agent authorized to carry out the modifications.

3 It presents the form of l' importation of the vehicle, the form of l' inspection, the letter of the separation of memory and very received for the work of the modification at the time of l' federal inspection. A list d' installations federal of l' inspection one provides the package of l' inspection which is sent towards outside by the secretary of imported vehicles.

4 It presents manner Manner 1 of l' importation of the vehicle with l' authority quie grants provincial or territorial. Its car can require l' additional test to pass from the provincial or territorial tests.

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