Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Import cars from Germany to Canada

Importation of the cars of l' Germany or of any other country which the United States in Canada is very difficult. Cars allowed Canada of all the countries with l' exception of the USA must be at least 15 years. Buses of country with l' exception of the USA are allowed only Canada s' they were manufactured before 1971. The foreign citizens can bring newer cars to Canada s' they project to use them temporarily, for example by holidays. The special rules are applied to the Canadian citizens who bring a car which was with l' origin manufactured in the back house of Canada with them after l' temporary use of the vehicle in overseas.

1 Verified its age of the vehicle´s. If its car n' is not older 15 years which count behind as from the d' day; arrival in a port d' Canadian entry, you cannot import the vehicle in Canada of l' Germany. However, the foreigners can bring the vehicles manufactured there is less than 15 years of l' Germany in Canada with them s' they remain in Canada for a temporary visit, like an assignment work, holidays or a visit of the family. L' foreigner should not be a German citizen to bring the car of l' Germany in Canada for this temporary stay. L' car can only remain in Canada so much qu' they will allow the owner to remain. He must be exported in the day which expires the visa of the owner´s, at the latest. One does not allow Mingus  N conveys l' Germany to remain in Canada by more than 36 months. Tandi qu' in Canada, cars of l' Germany allowed to enter to Canada cannot be temporarily sold or lay out d' no manner. The Canadian citizens who go back to Canada can bring their vehicles to Canada if the car were manufactured in Canada and were maintained with l' origin l' Germany temporarily.

2 D├ęterminez if the vehicle which you project d' to bring l' Germany in the bears of Canada a declaration of l' label conformity of the original manufacturer who proves that the car is designed, proven and certified to achieve the standards of safety of motor vehicle of Canada or the federal standards of safety of motor vehicle of the United States. Such cars can generally be found in the sectors where the Canadian or American forces are placed to Germany. If you bought a car used equipped d' such a label and the car was built during the same calendar year that you project l' to send l' Germany in Canada, you can import the vehicle in Canada and avoid the rule of 15 year-ages. Equal he requests vehicles with such a label if you l' received like gift d' a friend or d' a relative either in front of a year after manufacture. You can then bring the vehicle of l' Germany in Canada, if you can prove by a document recommended signed on the two sides that the vehicle was given in fact to the owner like gift.

3 Payez the tariff and taxes if its vehicle is allowed Canada. If its port d' entry lies to in News Scotland, Nouveau Brunswick or Newfoundland and Agriculteur, the taxes on the sale general of five percent (GST) are payable in the value of the vendor´s vehicle according to what is documented by l' original writing. If the imported car were a gift and it n' there original writing available does not have, its value will be estimated by Canadian customs. Cars with l' air conditioning are in accordance with a tax d' tax on the art3iculos of domestic trade of 100 Canadian dollars. If the consumption of fuel charged average with the car´s exceeds 13 liters percent kilometers, it is in accordance with a tax d' tax on the art3iculos of additional domestic trade or with a green collection of 1.000 Canadian dollars.

4 Clean the car and its train d' in-depth landing before d' to import its car in Canada. L' Canadian l' arranges; d' analyzes; food (CFIA) checks to know s' there is the ground, sand, the ground, the residue of the plant or l' excrement of l' animal attached to the body of its car and will not let pass l' inspection of l' importation Justus' so that of what is aforesaid one completely extinguished.

5 Fill l' printed 1 of l' importation of the vehicle with l' arranges services of the border of what is Canadian. The printed and signed document is necessary while placing the car imported to Canada.

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