Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Make HomeMade Dog Food


Sometimes l' food of dog which you buy in stores n' is not surely and being in the sure side you will want to nourish with his dog l' food of dog made in house. If that c' is never the case, all it is necessary that c' is a simple mixture of meat, vehicles and d' starches.


1 Know qu' it is wise to check with its veterinary surgeon before changing with l' food of dog made in house.

2 Comprenez that the dogs need d' a mode which consists 40 percent of meat, the vehicles of 30 percent and 30 percent d' starch. Follow this formula for s' to ensure that its dog has a well balanced mode.

3 Considérez the fact that much d' experts believe that l' food of commercial dog is really unhealthy for the dogs. The meat which is used out of food of dog is often d' a quality considered unsuitable with the human beings.

4 Try to make a mixture of turkey, rice and carrot of ground for its own food of dog. Meals made of the chopped meat, brown rice, brewer' ; the yeast and the carrots of S are also popular.

5 Turn the food which you nourish his dog so that the dog obtains a d' variety; food.

6 Use the flour d' oats, pastes, rice or potatoes for its dog' ; condition of l' starch of S.

7Food of dog cooked subsistence in the refrigerator either that three days. 

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