Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to Do SEO Tricks (10 SEO Tips)

The Web site of the e-business can be difficult to optimize, but by using some of the ends of CATHEDRAL for the e-business the Web site allow that you add the place dominating, the classification of l' aos of significant and specific words key.

1. Use only the original contents - opinion: Not, years d' AOT used in the manufacturer' ; specifications of S. the original contents are definitively great graduations d' a research desemejante of its contents competitors and descriptions of product original documents site

2. Remove the contents of the periodical - in this note, it is ensured to have a separated copy, single each product, even s' they are similar.

3. It creates the chart d' site - assistances of the chart d' site not only that the users sail l' easily; site can also be the perfect place to optimize its words key. For example, with the d' place; to use specific names of product, use more specific words key.

4. Optimize the new products - when you add new products to optimize, creates a single, significant title labels, the labels of l' objective and the words key of l' objective.

5. Consider the possibility of allowing revisions of the product - good (and it releases!) Method to obtain contents single, original, where the customers can fix revisions. This can also promote confidence and the reputation of potential customers.

6. Optimize its images - CATHEDRAL made, AOT is l' end of the text and the HTML. To fill the majority of the sites of e-business of the images of the products for l' influence it will help to increase graduations of the Search Engine. CerciĆ³rese of which all it is single in its alt-labelled and who is optimized for the title.

7. Made that the guide made at the house - it makes the correctly treated Home Page, when the users cannot take the " ; www" ; before the dominion. It is to say " ; " ; and " ; " ; of; must precisely send the visitors the same page.

8. Gift, things of the words key d' AOT - by avoiding words key with the contents of, by aspiring years, the contents d' to him; polluting agents, and can really wound its graduation.

9. Bind the pages - the pages of the sites, this one can not only increase traffic in certain pages, but can also increase l' investment in these pages.

10. Use the catalogue of the software of CATHEDRAL - you, the TOA are a professional of the marketing of l' Internet to carry out and carry out an effective e-business CATHEDRAL in its site. There are innumerable programs (transmissible and in Internet) it is especially conceived to help on sites of e-business to function its own CATHEDRAL, without ninguƌ  N knowledge or with l' experiment.

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