Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Subhu-ti  was one of the Ten Large S'ra-vakas of S'a-kyamuni Angel, and front in the faculty of emptiness. In Indic, his analyze literally implementation "Hot Macrocosm" (su: "groovy", bhu-ti: "cosmos"). He is also sometimes referred to as or "Older Subhu-ti" (Sthavira Subhu-ti). He was a synchronous of such famous arhats as S'a-riputra, Maha-ka-s'yapa, Maha-maudgalya-yana, Maha-ka-tya-yana, and A-nanda.
Among the Maha-ya-na traditions, Subhu-ti is perhaps unexcelled glorious as the adherent with whom the Mystic speaks when impartation the Adamant Su-tra (Skt. Vajracchedika- Prajña-pa-ramita- Su-tra), an historic philosophy within the Prajña-pa-ramita- style. This, along with the Ticker Su-tra (Skt. Prajña-pa-ramita- Hr.daya), is one of the most well-known su-tras among both practitioners and non-practitioners of Buddhism. Subhu-ti is also obligated for overmuch of the expounding in early Prajña-pa-ramita- su-tras.

In the Lotus Sutra (Skt. Saddharma Pun.d.ari-ka Su-tra), Chapter 6 (Giving of Anticipation), the Gautama bestows prophecies of enlightenment on Subhu-ti, along with opposite s'ra-vakas much as Maha-ka-s'yapa, Maha-ka-tya-yana, and Maha-maudgalya-yana.

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