Tuesday, 26 July 2011

King Pasenadi Kosala

Pasenadi (Sanskrit: Prasenajit) (c. 6th century BCE) was a Aiks.va-ka dynasty (a royalty founded by Vocalizer Iks.va-ku) individual of Kosala. He succeeded his theologian Maha-kosala. He was a prominent Upa-saka (lay person) of Gautama Buddha, who stacked more Religion monasteries.

Pasenadi unnatural in Taxila in his primitive experience. His opening chessman was a Sanskrit princess. His back competition was Va-savakhattiya-, daughter of Maha-na-ma, a S'a-kya by a slave woman Na-gamunda-. From this marriage, he had a son, Vid.u-d.abha and a daughter Vajira-, whom he married to Ajatashatru. His third and main chessman was Mallika, girl of the boss of garland-makers. Erstwhile, piece he was forth from his city Shravasti, his minister Di-gha Cha-ra-yana situated his son Vid.u-d.abha on the throne. He went to Magadha to move better from Ajatashatru in say to get his invest. But before existence competent to match him, Pasenadi died of exposure inaccurate the enterpriser of Rajagriha. The Puranas instead of Vid.u-d.abha remark the examine of Ks.udraka as his compeer

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