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Rahula, Prince Siddhartha's Son Rahula

Ra-hul (whelped c. 534 BC) was the exclusive son of Siddhartha Gautama (Pa-li Siddhattha Gotama), afterwards celebrated as the Mystic, and his mate Princess Yasodhara-.

Accounts of his invigoration dissent in certain points. The multitude is that assumption in the Pa-li Canon.
Prince Siddhartha was preparing himself to going the hall. One statement[reference needed] claims that when he received the interest of his son's nascence he replied Ra-hu ja-to, bandhanam ja-tam - "A ra-hu is innate, a hold has arisen." Accordingly the offspring was named Ra-hula, thought "bond", or "chain", recognizing that the nipper could be a tie that orientated him to his spouse Yashodhara. Still, ra-hu does not miserly trammels. The 2nd ground, pioneer in the Mu-lasarva-stiva-da vinaya, is that Rahul received his sept in accordance with an excel of the lunation, caused by the diapsid Rahu.

In the Dhammapada, the feeling and joy that a man receives in his partner and children is called a "murmuring trammel" that ties individuals to invigoration and painfulness, not just finished eventual casualty and cessation of idolised ones but much deeply and subtly may act as ties to cyclical creation (samsara).

Ra-hul was upraised by his fuss and granddad, Clergyman Suddhodana. When he was seven age old, the Angel returned to his abode city of Kapilavatthu at the message of his antecedent who missed him dear. On the seventh day of his repeat, Yasodhara- took Ra-hula to see his ancestor, the Buddha. She told Ra-hula that since his parent had renounced the fort vivification and as he was the close royal consort in reasoning, he should ask his padre for his inheritance of award and treasure for his later benefit when his granddad would no soul restrict the arena.

After the nutrition, Ra-hul followed the Siddhartha, locution "Elasticity me my heritage." Nobody proved to stopover him, nor did the Mystic forbid him from shadowing him. He then looked at his padre and said, "Noble, justified your dwarf is beautiful to me."

Accomplishment the Bowl of Nigrodha, where the Gautama was staying, the Gautama thought to himself: "He desires his root's inheritance, but it is wrought with troubles. I shall break him the aid of my sacred Enlightenment and alter him an individual of a transcendental inheritance."

The Buddha titled Venerable Sariputta and asked him to ordinate young Ra-hula who became the low Sa-manera (tyro monk).

"The Clergyman, discovering that now his grandson and a merchandise of vulnerable men in the stag house had requested assignment, asked the Mystic only to ordain a insignificant with the respond of his parents or shielder. The Saint assented. This judge was swollen to let the spouses of those intending to tie the Arrangement of monks and nuns.

Shortly after Rahul's designation the Siddhartha taught him the grandness of narration the emancipationist. This deal is celebrated as the Rahulovada Sutta. The Saint set statement as the maximal of all virtues. The seekers of Emancipationist, (those who feature as their goal Nibbana) should not alter the doctrine of Emancipationist.

Ra-hul afterward became one among the umteen arhants finished multitude the Buddha's teachings.

Rahul died before the Buddha, Sariputta and Moggallana.

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