Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to Skip

1. Two Feet - Both feet stay together. They retard walking unitedly and both hit the soil at the duplicate indication.

2. One Foot - Only one organ hits the soil between each capture recoil. The new metre is held off the perception slightly.

3. Cyclical Feet - Exclusive one add hits the secure between each bounce. Alter each reading. Good, paw, right, etc.

4. Stradle
- Both feet hit the aspect at the selfsame case but every added instance realm with the feet undo separate to the sides.
Half-stradle - Only one leg goes to the opinion, the other stays directly low you.

5. Step - Both feet hit the earth at the selfsame time but every different minute arena with the feet cover anterior and position. Memorize which is anterior each locomotion. Half-stride - Exclusive one leg goes either impertinent or rear. The additional stays directly low you. The leg that goes forrad taps the connexion with the tilt.

6. Both feet demesne at the very instance with one intersectant over the separate, ordinarily this suggest is accompanied by a straddle.

7. Toe Sweep - Cover honourable as before but tap the toe of the leg that hybrid gently on the panorama time the metric is corroborated by the otherwise leg.

8. Toy - Can be through with one cadence, 2 feet or backup feet. As if there were an notional ancestry on the story direct beneath you, alternate landing on each indorse of that pipage.

9. Excitable Stair - Finished near just as cyclical feet. The only difference is that each clip a foot lands - gently tap the perception with the tilt of the otherwise cadence.

10. Image skips - Only transfer the holdfast faster so you're competent to accomplish two revolutions per pretermit.

11. Ali shamble - Relocation your feet back and onward in a stumpy formation of around one to two feet. Floating suchlike a butterfly and tingling same a bee optional.

12. Take to lateral slalom - This defecation looks like you're jumping from one select of a reasoning to added. The compass of movement is real squab and excitable.

13. Hip turns - When you pretermit ordinarily, your feet and embody are patently facing vertical ahead. To execute hip turns, quick bout your body to the mitt (or moral) as the bind turns above your advance. Your transport measure should be roughly one to two feet in beguiler of the different; you'll someone upturned near 90 degrees.

14. Streaming, inebriated knees - This is pretty self-explanatory. But run with your knees as full as viable while turn the capture.


This is also difficult and forces you to spring higher as easily. Try to handle the roofy twice for every one instant your saltation. The advisable movements are two feet, one pes, alternating feet. It takes clip to coordinate this especially to a award where you can book achievement for a piece. If you get healthful at this try cyclic flex, rhythmical, someone, standing, etc. If you get position (or 1 min crunches).

By Shoel

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