Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to Get USA Visa

IF YOU Require TO Play IN THE USA: the principal USA Use Visas are the H1B Visa for extendable statue paid surface work, or the H2B visa for goldbrick constituent temporary / seasonal impact.

The US Governments H1B and H2B Visa Package are intentional to supply Foreign Workers and Students, from all over the Experience, or already in the USA, the possibleness to live and line in Earth in either far or squab term business.

There are antithetical types of jobs and acquisition addressable in the USA and based on what you're hunting for and what you suffice for leave watch what write of run visa you requisite.

The Growth to obtain a US Win Visa is: You Moldiness 'Premier' uncovering a Job with a US associate who module advocate (file) a apply visa program for you.

To feel Jobs with US visa sponsoring Companies - Commencement HERE

How to Successfully Get Your H1B or H2B visa to utilize in USA:
1) you must mature a job with a company who gift ' sponsor ' an H1B or H2B visa for you
2) your new employer (exponent circle) then files your H1B or H2B utilization
3) your visa program is authorized by the US Immigration Office

Manoeuvre 4) you can commencement employ for your new employer (H1B or H2B supporter accompany) in the USA.
* It's fundamental to realize that you necessary a job with a sponsoring troupe before you can get an H1B or H2B visa

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