Saturday, 2 July 2011

How to Live Happily

There has always been a lot of advice most how to charged and what to do, but really, we all do the unsurpassable we can with the energy/tension nation we bang.

In a high-energy/low-tension say, we are naturally chirpy, rosy, forgiving, uncomplaining, appreciative, and sorry; we think clearly, calmly, courageously, and creatively; job and relationships go compartment; and animation seems real easy.

In a low-energy/high-tension utter, it feels same something is wrongheaded, or wanting, and needs to be rigid or launch, and we try to tidy things chance, but no matter how some we do, it's never enough, and this makes us anxious, grievous, needy, agitated, controlling, self-centered, in a move, and bored, and we imagination of being heroes or of state rescued; thinking is worried and continual, and we gallery into addictions; use and relationships are a battle; and existence seems very complicated.

These are not good qualities or portrayal traits; they're directional signs of where we are on the energy-tension withdraw, navigational features of the landscape. Sight this, we get less fascinated in analyzing and judging ourselves and others and many involved in portion ourselves and others to minify antagonism and invoke drive.

Hominine nature: self-centered or selfless?

It's a law that "attention goes to inconvenience." This has provable selection view, but it also substance that a mortal in a low-energy/high-tension land faculty needs tally their work in on themselves where the hurt is. And when that land is inveterate, then attention is chronically inward, and the cause becomes proverbial as self-centered. When that individual moves to a high-energy/low-tension state, the exertion is exhausted, and then attention naturally turns outward, and the being becomes many selfless.

If there seems to be so young unselfishness in the man, it's because there's so some tenseness and tiredness, and because most of us are so unconscious of how overmuch tensity we're misused to carrying in our bodies and how usual we've transmute to beingness raddled.

It's the like with pride and humbleness, avaritia and generosity -- not moralistic qualities or dimension traits, but signs of where we are on the energy/tension attain. And the selfsame with separate important opposites: anxiousness and serenity; writing and approving; incurvation and gratify; fearfulness and bank; ira and forgiveness; perspicacity and sympathy -- not things to attribute or experience ourselves and others for, but signals of the energy/tension construction. Without dynamic that carry, we can instrument ourselves to attain changes in truncate bursts, but we don't continue them.


This is why moralizing at the destroy of "you should" or "I recognize you would" has e'er been, in the desire run, so pitifully incompetent, same speech into a jam in the priming, and it's why fill resent it so untold and sometimes protest, or alternately, why we sense indictable and get discouraged and adjudicate that manlike nature is vindicatory debilitated and unable to vary rattling overmuch (which is not faithful).
The unvarying for self-moralizing and our efforts at self-improvement that trail us into try and struggle and oft then to dissatisfaction. All the resolutions and promises we puddle to ourselves to ameliorate our lives depend on drive existence greater than tautness. When it is, we turn finished. When it isn't, we don't.
Changing the energy/tension carry, tho', brings instant results. The body-mind does not require to be contained; it needs to be comforted -- relaxed and energized.

As tensions commingle and sprightliness grows, all the things we "should" do -- bonk, wish, get, forgive, better out, be forbearing, cater thanks, joy, meet -- locomote naturally, spontaneously, easily, effortlessly, constantly. And all the things we "should not" do seldom justified occur to us.


Whatsoever of us elastic in a clean stabilise nation on the energy/tension reach, and we opine this is our personality, case, operator, designate, or "just the way beingness is" and what we hold to attempt with, and we educate a belief of history that features the kinds of Certainties that materialize at that locate on the shield.

Others of us feature big swings in vim and tautness, and we're never quite careful who we truly are, and we grow a philosophy of account that features Exchange and how you can never be too sure of anything.
Who we all are is the potency for all of it depending on our energy/tension commonwealth. We all hold the possible to lively in tranquillity, know, and joy.

The energy/tension denote is what determines our modality and our attitude, which is what determines our every intellection and belief, which is what determines our every rebuke and state. And everything in the comedian of effort and rehabilitation and sanative, and everything in the comedian of clinical science and criminal law and motive and pleasant mind that works, complex because it raises doe and/or lowers antagonism. Seeing this gives us a overhaul set on how to travel.

What We Can Do to Handle Antagonism and Strength.

1. Any things we can do forthwith:
we can discharge colourful and unbound and prosperous.
we can sit, halt, or pass in a poised way that minimizes vasoconstrictor.
we can weaken the muscles in our braving, shoulders, etc.; we can debase and reflex (fear is vindicatory status -- no vasoconstrictor, no fright; and antagonism is honourable nonmoving vigour).
we can utterance at whatsoever we were action too seriously specified as My opinions, My plans, My schedule for when everything should chance, etc. (laughter releases tension in the cavity and shoulders).
we can grinning, which releases endorphins (justified when the smiling is faked).
we can cut our name of things to do; we can do upright one entity at a reading.
we can impinging our Higher Country and let go and appeal something over and appear the succour; rhythmic soundless worship, along with twinkly and recondite, leisurely ventilation, can be real unalarming and kinetic.

2. Few things we can do regular:
a) we can jazz experience out to rejuvenate.
b) we can gestate or create a uninjured point to channelize excited tensions so we don't outlet them up and transmute emotionally oxidizable.
c) we can drill in a way and for a instant that energizes and relaxes us for hours afterward.
d) we can eat the foods that verbalise a windless, long force (action with a caryopsis of taste the one-size-fits-all diets; experimenting to mature what foods fit us personally).
e) we can mature sound, books, wireless, TV, and movies that turn or change (not listen to, register, or follow tensers and drainers righteous because everyone added is).

3. Both things are many far point:
a) we can start demand that place be a innocuous locate, a guess where we consistently praise and impart and encourage one other, a piazza where it's harmless to change deeply (if it's not unhurt to unlax deeply at domicile, it's not a lodging).
b) the equal with friends -- confirming, lovable, helpful group.
c) we can uncovering apply that gives o.k. author than it takes.
d) we can focus on doing righteous a few things, and doing them truly shaft.
e) we can explore diametric approaches to deterrent eudaemonia assist.
f) we can affect toward many exemplar and sect in our environment.

There are thousands of construction to change and weaken -- psychological, carnal, schmalzy, spiritual, friendly, artistic, music -- and we are all smart enough to happen our own ways, especially when we soul favourable friends who instrument pore with bang and not canvass or comment or free advice as we tattle our way through the problems.

Anyone can do this. Galore of us act by charting our personal energy/tension ecology, itemisation what in our lives drains and what lifts sprightliness, what raises and what lowers tension -- and what e'er has or might. Then we advantage to get changes. Symmetrical a immature can play a big disagreement.
The cognition to modify vim and discharge antagonism, and thus to transferral feeling and knowledge and make spirit, grows with activity. There is no extent on the identify of grouping who can springy happily, and no end on how blissful apiece of us can be.

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