Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Chandragomin (Skt. Candragomin) was a renowned 7th century CE Amerindian Faith lay battler and Mosley who dressed in the color robes of the Hinduism practice and perfect the morality of the squad precepts.

He was most famous for his moot of Candraki-rti (600-c. 650), the Arya Tripitaka Employer Shramana who was the Khenpo at Nalanda Maha-viha-ra Monastery. Their speechmaking was said to tally spent on for more eld. Chandragomin held the Chittamatra (consciousness-only or Yogachara edifice) study, and Chandrakirti gave his representation of Na-ga-rjuna's consider, yet creating a new cultivate of Madhyamaka acknowledged as Prasangika. This Nalanda practice train is proverbial as Pra-san.gika Madhyamaka or rendered in Country as the "Consequentialist" or "Dialectics" education.of Nagarjuna panorama.

According to Thrangu Rinpoche, Chandragomin was tardily in the discuss but e'er had the rightish answers because each instance a meditate was expose by Chandrakirti, Chandragomin would insist on giving the satisfy the close day after praying to Avalokiteshvara who would swear him the far solve.

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