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Candrakirti (600-c. 650), was an Amerind Mosley and a khenpo of Nalanda- Mahavihara. He was a adherent of Na-ga-rjuna and a author on his works and those of his primary disciple, Aryadeva. Candraki-rti was the most famous member of what the Tibetans came to order the dbUmathal-'gyur, an swing to the interpretation of Madhyamaka ism sometimes back-translated into Sanskrit as Pra-san.gika Madhyamaka or rendered in Land as the "Consequential" or "Dialectics" cultivate.

In his writings Candraki-rti defended Buddhapa-lita against Bha-vaviveka, criticizing the latter's tolerance of free syllogism. He also offered refutations of a enumerate of originally Buddhistic views such as the Vij├▒a-nava-da or Idealist refine.

Candrakirti's entirety let the Prasannapada--Sanskrit for "perspicuous words"-a statement on Na-ga-rjuna's Mu-lamadhyamakaka-rika- and the Madhyamaka-vata-ra (his increment to Na-ga-rjuna's matter) and its auto-commentary. The Madhyamaka-vata-ra is misused as the important sourcebook by most of the Tibetan monastic colleges in their studies of 'worthlessness' (Sanskrit: s'u-nyata-) and the ism of the Madhyamaka education.

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