Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Asanga was a statesman index of the Yoga-ca-ra tradition in India, also called Vijña-nava-da. Traditionally, he and his half-brother Vasubandhu are regarded as the founders of this education. The two half-brothers were also pupil exponents of Abhidharma teachings, which were highly specialised and disenchanted hermeneutics as fine. was dropped as the son of a Hindu ascendant in Purushapura (recognize day City in Pakistan), which at that instant was break of the ancient field of Gandha-ra. He was perhaps originally a member of the Mahi-s'a-saka school or the Mu-lasarva-stiva-da polish but ulterior reborn to Maha-ya-na.

In the disc of his journeys through the kingdoms of India, Xuanzang wrote that was initially a Mahi-s'a-saka jazzman, but soon upturned toward the Maha-ya-na teachings. had a half-brother, Vasubandhu, who was a jazzman from the Sarva-stiva-da schoolhouse. Vasubandhu is said to mortal usurped up Maha-ya-na Faith after convergency with and one of's disciples.

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