Tuesday, 31 May 2011

How Is Distinctive Buddhism OF other Religions?

How Is Distinctive Buddhism OF other Religions? 

Buddhism is if of other religions that some required people if this is a religion in all.  For example, the central home of the religions is God, or the Gods.  But Buddhism is.  The Buddha learned that while believing the Gods it does not have useful to obtain these to go counts one of the religions are by its beliefs.  But in Buddhism, while believing only doctrines it does not come to the case.  The Buddha said that we simply must not accept the doctrines because we read them in a we did or learn them by.

Instead of learning from the doctrines for and for swelling, the Buddha learned how we can realize the for ourselves.  The home of Buddhism is in practice before that belief.  The biggest one of the practice of Buddhist one is eight sometimes the Path. 

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