Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Buddhism in China: To the north and to the South It Himself

The Buddhism in China:  To the north and to the South It Himself

The China of the north and south an emperor has it in 589 under the Sui.  Of the China of the north and south had little in common otherwise that Buddhism.  The emperor has relics of the Buda and it had them they have in the stupas breadth of the China as a symbolic gesture that China has a nation once more.  The Buddhism in China:  Dynasty

The influence of the Buddhism on China attained his beak during Dynasty, 618 907.  The arts of the buddhist ones have and grew them rich and powerful.  Some confucianos and have that become too rich Buddhism and powerful,.  The dissension partisane is a point criticizes in 845, when the emperor has a suppression of the Buddhism that has more than 4,000 and 40,000 temples and the reliquaires. 

This suppression has a blow that it paralyzes to Chinese Buddhism and she has the principle of a long descent.  Buddhism would never be never if dominating in China as it had during Dynasty.  Nevertheless, Of thousand years Buddhism has the Chinese culture and it has also its religions of the rivals, confucianismo and the. 

Emblems that they had in China, the Only pure Earth and the suppression with a number of followers.  Tiantai has at the Japan as Tendai.  Huayan survives the Japan as Kegon.  The teaching of Huayan remains so visible in and in Buddhism Zen. 

And as the thousand of the Buddhism in China finished, the Buda of which One Laughs, Budai or Been able tai, they arose Chinese folklore to the x.  This sonorous remainder a subject of the art a stone. 

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