Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Basic teaching of Buddhism

A Basic teaching of Buddhism

His pomposity on the free investigation, Buddhism is not that you that you are.  It is understood better as a discipline, and an exacting discipline in that.  And although the teaching of the buddhist ones do not have in blind faith, while understanding what the Buda learned is an important party of this discipline. 

For example, the basis of Buddhism is the Four Noble ones.  Are them: 

1. The of suffering (dukkha)
2. The cause of suffering (samudaya)
3. The end of a suffering (nirhodha)
4. The path that we of a suffering (magga)

Only, the appear not a lot, I realize.  But to the under of the this are innumerable capes of teaching in the existence nature, of life, and death, not to mention while suffering.  The point is not "to believe only in" the teaching, but to explore them, they understand them, and the prove against a clean one.  It is the process to explore, it while trying and while going counts that this is Buddhism. 

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