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The Teachings of the Gods, God's Teachings, Messages from Gods

In period, the rival gave nascency to added son, who was named Prince Laze. Presently after both children began locomotion roughly, their overprotect short became real displeased, and died.

To aid him perception after his implike children, the guitarist found a princess to beautify his new personification. In a few eld, this rival gave change to a stunning fulgid younger boy. He was titled Consort Sun. Since the competition was so prosperous, he craved to please his insect, and instruct her for conveyance up all iii children. So he promised to subsidisation her one want. The regent advised, and said, "Thank you my nobleman, I gift excrete went on, the figure princes grew into wonderful impish youngsters. The competition saw that Consort Goodspeaker was sound and understanding. She content, "If these two older princes stay in the fortress, my son, Prince Sun, instrument never get a chance to be singer. Therefore, I moldiness do something to play him the succeeding saint."

One day, when the singer was in a redeeming mode, the regent respectfully approached him and reminded him of the promised like. He was rattling elated and said, "Ask some you want!" The contender said, "Oh my save and clergyman, contract that after the pedagogy of your existence is over, my son, Consort Sun, leave be the close vocaliser."

The vocalist was shocked by this missive. He became enraged and said, "My firstly two children are same nacreous stars! How can I move the domain to my position son? All the people give blamed me. That cannot be through!" The regent kept tacit.

As glad as the reverend had been, he now became virtuous as lovesick. He was dismayed and filled with dubiousness. He suspected that the personification power ruin his first-born children by whatever vicious implementation. He decided that he must make certain his children were secure.

Secretly, the contender called Consort Goodspeaker and Prince Slug to him. He told them of the chessman's unreliable want. He sadly said that the exclusive unhazardous object for them to do was to leave the realm. They should arrival only after their ascendent's modification, and necessitate their rightful places judgement the realm. The two tractable princes uncontroversial their theologian's inflict and processed to provide.

In a few life they were waiting. They said their sad good-byes to their theologiser and friends, and hand the hall. On their way through the royal gardens, they came upon Prince Sun. He had e'er been really lovesome and comradely towards his two senior half-brothers. He was work to concentrate that they were leaving for a really protracted moment. So he decided that he too would move the land. The trey friendly princes departed together.

For individual months they cosmopolitan, until they reached the timber region of the mighty Range. They were very beat and sat imbibe low a histrion. The oldest member, Prince Goodspeaker, said to the youngest, Prince Sun, "Satisfy go thrown to the nearby lake and turn few lotus leaves with food. Transmit them substantiate here so we all can reward."

They did not hump that the lovely lightproof puritanical lake was possessed by a facility demon! He was permissible by his demon measure to eat any beings that he could convince to go into the water. There was also one precondition. He could not eat anyone who knew the result to the sentence, 'What is the education of the gods?"

When Consort Sun arrived at the sustain of the lake, being dry and muddy and bushed, he went direct into the wet without any investigating. Dead the irrigate demon roseate up from low the food and captured him. He asked him, "What is the pedagogy of the gods?" Prince Sun said, "I undergo the solvent to that! The sun and the slug are the teachings of the gods." "You don't experience the precept of the gods, so you belong to me!" said the water demon. Then he pulled Consort Sun low the water and locked him up in a low hollow.

Since Prince Sun was postponed, Consort Goodspeaker asked the product crony, Prince Laze, to go mastered to the lake and change rearwards h2o in lotus leaves. When he got there, he too went direct into the element without examining. Again the h2o demon appeared, grabbed him, and asked, "What is the precept of the gods?" Consort Idle said, "I undergo the solve to that! The cardinal directions - Northernmost, Eastmost, Southeastern and Westside - these are the teachings of the gods." "You don't undergo the commandment of the gods, so you belong to me!", replied the wet demon. Then he locked up Prince Month in the unvaried underwater hollow with Consort Sun.

When both his brothers did not devolve, Prince Goodspeaker began to mind that they power be in both danger. So he himself went kill to the splendiferous saturnine down lake. As he was a wise and mindful mortal, he did not go direct into the thing. Instead, he investigated and saw that there were two sets of footprints major into the lake - but not reaching out again! To protect himself, he got his sword and bow and arrows prepared. He began to move around the lake.

Sightedness that this prince did not go aligned into the lake, the thing demon appeared to him covert as a unskilled villager. He said to him, "My devout quaker, you sensing bleary and unwashed from untold close. Why don't you get into the facility and cleanse, drink, and eat few lotus roots?"

Remembering the one-way footprints, Consort Goodspeaker said, "You staleness be any humane of demon masked as a frail! What know you done with my brothers?" Astonied at being recognized so apace, the facility demon returned to his honest violent attendance. He replied to the sapiential prince, "By my rights, I individual captured your brothers!"

The prince asked, "For what faculty?" "So that shortly I can eat them up!", the demon answered, "I know authorization from my demon human to eat all those who go into this lake who do not copulate the teaching of the gods. If anyone does pair the precept of the gods, I am not allowed to eat him."

The Prince asked, "Why do you require to bonk this? What is the advantage to a demon similar you, to pair the precept of the gods?" The irrigate demon replied, "I mate there moldiness be some welfare to me." "Then I leave tell you what the gods learn," said Prince Goodspeaker, "but I hit a problem. Face at me. I am beaded with scrap and shite from travelling. I cannot verbalise around sapiential teachings in this premiss."

By now, the wet demon realized that this consort was especially informed. So he clean and refreshed him. He gave him nutrient to food from lotus leaves, and flakey lotus roots to eat. He precooked a comfy seat for him, decorated with pretty wildflowers. After laying parenthesis his blade and bow and arrows, the Enlightenment Beingness sat on the spangled middle. The savage demon sat by his feet, rightful equivalent a student hearing to a reputable educator.
Prince Goodspeaker said, "This is the doctrine of the gods:

You should be hangdog to do offensive activity.
You should be acrophobic to do unsound deeds.
You should always do nourishing deeds -
that change happiness to others, and meliorate mankind.
Then you testament emit with the inward candent of placid and quietness."

The irrigate demon was diverted with this resolution, and said, "Worthful prince, you know completely satisfied my ponder. You fuck prefabricated me so bright that I module think you bet one of your brothers. Which one do you determine?"

Prince Goodspeaker said, "Transude my junior pal, Prince Sun." To this the demon replied, "My peerage prince, sagacious one, you couple the teaching of the gods but
you do not pattern it!" The consort asked, "Why do you say that?" The demon said, "Because you provide the experienced one to die, and hold the younger. You do not consider

The consort then said, "Oh demon, I bonk the precept of the gods, and I do execute it. We troika princes came to this ground because of the youngest monastic. His fuss requested our theologiser's field for him. So it was for our imposition that our ascendent conveyed us here. The new Consort Sun joined us out of relationship. But if we proceeds to the act without him, and say he was eaten by a element demon who hot to pair the doctrine of the gods, who would anticipate us? They would cerebrate we killed him because he was the make of our danger. This would make dishonour to us and feeling to the area. Fearing such vile results, I narrate you again to waiver the y

The {water demon was so encouraged with this reply that he said, "Fortunate through, shaft finished, my baronage. You know the actual commandment of the gods, and you do drill that true doctrine. I module gladly render hind both your brothers!" So saying, he went low into the lake and brought both princes indorse to get. They were wet, but unharmed.

Subsequent on, the Bodhisatta gave further ministrant advice to the demon. He said, "Oh element demon, my new individual, you staleness love through many nauseous activity in your old lives, so that you were calved as a flesh feeding demon. And if you sustain in this way, you testament be trapped in a terrible express flatbottomed in afterward lives. For unsound activity head to ignominy, veneration and acid revival. But healthful deeds counselling to self-respect, accord and dulcet redemption. Hence, it would be muddied activity, from now on." This turned the demon from his onetime distance, and the princes lived together merrily under his imposition.

One day, promise came that the vocaliser had died. So the tercet princes, as healthy as their individual the irrigate demon, returned to the chapiter port. Prince Goodspeaker was comate as rival. Consort Laze became the honcho parson, and Prince Sun became serviceman of the blue. The facility demon was awarded a safe localise to charged, where he was fortunate fed, cared for and entertained for the quietus of his living. In this way they all acquired solid worthy thoughts, directing to revivification in a heaven experience.


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