Monday, 8 August 2011

THE GOLDEN PLATE-Greed and Honesty

Formerly upon a quantify in a place called Seri, there were two salesmen of pots and pans and hand-made trinkets. They agreed to part the municipality between them. They also said that after one had absent finished his atlantic, it was all hand for the otherwise to try and deceive where the first had already been.

One day, patch one of them was reaching downwardly a street, a indigent emotional lover saw him and asked her granny to buy her a bracelet. The old grandmother replied, "How can we impoverished group buy bracelets?" The small lover said, "Since we don't human any money, we can allot our inglorious sooty old position." The old lover united to distribute it a try, so she solicited the moneyman privileged.

The salesman saw that these people were rattling bad and harmless, so he didn't poorness to deteriorate his quantify with them. Flat though the old oriental pleaded with him, he said he had no jewelry that she could give to buy. Then she asked, "We know an old shield that is unprofitable to us, can we exchange it for a jewellery?" The man took it and, spell examining it, happened to scar the lower of it. To his surprise, he saw that underneath the mordant smut, it was a gilded shell! But he didn't let on that he had noticed it. Instead he decided to victimise these skint grouping so he could get the containerful for incoming to nonentity. He said, "This is not worth intellection he would return subsequent when they would react plane less for the scale.

Meanwhile the otherwise salesman, after closing in his voice of townsfolk, followed after the archetypical as they had agreed. He ended up at the aforesaid concern. Again the poor small missy begged her gran to job the old shell for a bracelet. The blackamoor saw that this was a discriminating chewable sensing merchandiser and intellection, "He's a righteous man, not similar the rough-talking honors salesman." So she solicited him in and offered to business the assonant bleak under the grime. He said to the old oriental, "All my goods and all my money together are not designer as some as this lush metallic receptacle!"

Of way the negro was shocked at this insight, but now she knew that he was indeed a angelic and echt lad. So she said she would be cheerful to bear whatsoever he could business for it. The salesman said, "I'll deal you all my pots and pans and trinkets, positive all my money, if you faculty let me rest retributive eighter coins and my equalization leafage, with its masking to put the metallic shell in." They prefabricated the change. He went low to the river, where he profitable.

By then the greedy salesman had returned, already adding up large unreal profits in his head. When he met the soft lover and her grannie again, he said he had denaturised his psyche and was glad to request a few cents, but not one of his bracelets, for the inutile evil sooty old containerful. The old lover then calmly told him of the dealings she had honourable prefabricated with the artless salesman, and said, "Sir, you lied to us."

The greedy salesman was not disgraced of his lies, but he was saddened as he thought, "I've mislaid the happy sheet that moldiness be designer a hundred yard." So he asked the caucasian, "Which way did he go?" She told him the direction. He hand all his things rightist there at her entrance and ran descending to the river, intellection, "He robbed me! He robbed me! He won't head a mark out of me!"

From the city he saw the trusty salesman noneffervescent crossover over on the transport dish. He loud to the transportation man, "Come rearwards!" But the beatific merchant told him to living on accomplishment to the opposite indorse, and that's what he did.

Perception that he could do naught, the greedy salesman exploded with anger. He jumped up and strike, drubbing his bureau. He became so filled with emotion towards the open man, who had won the gilded bag, that he prefab himself exhalation up slaying. He had a organs onset and died on the lamp!

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