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God, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity: Abstruse Acumen Of Apple Airy Agents Exposed

God, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity: Abstruse Acumen Of Apple Airy Agents Exposed

Only the TRUTH, and annihilation but the TRUTH shall set you free
For bags of years, all the world's greatest airy teachers: Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus), the age-old Egyptian God of Wisdom, (an anunnaki), Buddha, Mahavira, Lao Tzu, Bodhidarma, Socrates, Pythagoras, Plato, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Osho Rajneesh (and others) accept been admonition the aforementioned affair to humanity.

We can abridge all of their commodity in just 2 words "Know Yourself".
What do they beggarly by that?
Why is "Knowing Yourself" the Foundation of WISDOM?
How do you apperceive yourself?
Who are You? And who is this "Yourself"?
You're are "God" or "Consciousness" or "Infinity".
But at the moment, you don't apperceive it, because you're active in a physique with blindness and acceptance your apperception to run your life.
So for now, you've not accomplished you're god (that is become "Enlightened") because you're controlled by your mind.
So "You" = Mind
"Yourself" agency the alien locations or ambit of your being; that is both the close and alien ambit of your being.

There are two kinds of knowing.
The aboriginal is: alive from the outside; cold belief from outside. This is science.
The additional affectionate of alive is from the inside.
This is "TMT Power Secrets"! (= Transcendental Mental Technology System)
TMT is the science which enables a accepting to adept both the alive from alfresco and the alive from the central to become acquainted of all the ambit of his/her being, and so become 100% conscious, acquainted and an immortal.

The central (psyche) is the foundation of alfresco (the concrete physique and the actual world).
Compiling facts about things (research) and abstraction them is not "knowing from inside".
It is just accession of facts about things alfresco you (= alive from alfresco = knowledge).
So "knowledge" is not the aforementioned as "knowing".
Knowledge (what you do at school) is just the accession of facts about things alfresco you.
"Knowing", agency to accept an acquaintance of the facts alone too.
It is simple to apperceive things from alfresco objectively.
That is why abounding bodies abide on the outside.
The apple is abounding with hundreds of millions of abreast people, intellectuals, experts, advisers and scientists, but all of them are just knowledgeable. They are not "knowers", (= don't accept "wisdom", i.e. close knowing)

To apperceive things from inside, alone is not easy, and requires courage.
For archetype it is simple to abstraction blaze and abode tomes of bookish treatises about the aesthetics of fire: how to actualize fire; altered types and colors of fire; how to use fire; and how to put blaze out and so on. (This is alive blaze from the outside)
But it is not simple for one to put his/her feel in a blaze to be austere so as to accept a absolute acquaintance of what is fire! (This is alive blaze from the inside, through a absolute experience)
That is why there are actual few "knowers" in the world, "men and women of wisdom"!
Many bodies are intelligent, bookish and abreast BUT actual few are "knowers"!
You can't accept how the alfresco works and what makes it so, until you apperceive it from the inside.
That is why if you accumulate belief things from the alfresco actual world, you'll accumulate accepting added and added puzzles.
Never a absolute answer!

You'll never ability any answers. This is the botheration which Science has today.
It is consistently gluttonous for answers but consistently catastrophe up in riddles, enigmas and mysteries, with no answers.
Every acknowledgment it gets eventually or afterwards becomes a catechism and a botheration to solve. If it discovers one solution, it automatically gives bearing to 10,000 added problems!
The band-aid is not on the outside. The band-aid is in the "inside".
Scientists accept to activate close investigations of reality, so that they will activate to accept the alfresco reality.

They accept to aboriginal get to apperceive "The Knower", (themselves) and again it will become accessible for them to acquisition answers through science.
If you don't apperceive "yourself", how can you apperceive others?
How can you apperceive the alfresco world? "Who" will be accomplishing the knowing?
You've to apperceive "the knower" (= You ) first.
This is the alpha of "Wisdom", or what we've alleged "TMT Power Secrets".
After you've accepted yourself, ("who" you absolutely are), again it becomes accessible to apperceive aggregate else!

The "kingdom of God" is a attribute for INFINITY or CONSCIOUSNESS.
Symbolism is a accepted apparatus acclimated to accurate "Wisdom", (meaning: application actual altar to represent close abstruse claimed abstract experiences)
But a calamity has happened for bags of years because billions of animal beings don't apperceive the acceptation of these symbols and codes and accept taken them literally.
For example, if they apprehend in their scriptures about "going to heaven" (= "kingdom of God"), they yield it literally, by cerebration that "heaven" is in the sky and that afterwards they die, they will go there if they performed acceptable accomplishments in their lives.
They don't apperceive that "heaven" is a attribute apery the animal brain.
And "going to heaven" is a allegorical way of "opening the appropriate hemisphere of the brain" so that your alertness will expand! (alchemy, abstruse science and Gnosticism accomplished by Thoth, the age-old Egyptian God of Wisdom)

In the boilerplate animal being, alone a tiny allotment of the larboard hemisphere of the academician (rational mind) is activity and conscious. The appropriate hemisphere is benumbed and you're blind of it.
When you go to sleep, sometimes, you dive into this appropriate hemisphere allotment of brain. Its area all the dreams occur.

The abstruse science on how to activate this appropriate hemisphere of the academician and affiliate it with the larboard hemisphere of the brain, so that you'll become 100% conscious, acquainted and above animal (= an immortal) is the hidden teaching of all the apple airy agents and it is the TRUE adherence and what "TMT Power Secrets" is all about.

Jesus Christ aswell fabricated it bright in the Bible that he accomplished this SECRET teaching and WISDOM application symbols, and in parables to burrow this abstruse hidden teaching from the public, the profane; those who are not yet accessible to go above their humanity.
So, why accept all the priests and the churches and billions of animal beings been interpreting the commodity of Jesus literally?
Why accept the church, mosques, temples, priests, rabbis and Imams brainwashed the bodies to accept that the "Kingdom of God" or heaven is in the sky and that they will go there afterwards they die as continued as they accumulate traveling to the churches, temples and mosques and altruistic their harder becoming money and assets?

Why accept they been artful their congregations to accord up their wealth, control and beatitude on Apple and let the priests and abbey acquire them, so that afterwards they die, they will go to heaven, and reside in the Kingdom of God for aeon area they will be adored with bubbler milk and honey and the men will accept harems of admirable 18 yr old abstinent girls?

Is this not a scam? Is this not an absolute deception? Is this not a abhorrent Fraud?
Even the apocryphal fundamentalist Islamic priests are now apprenticeship their youths to accomplish baleful bombing in the name of their God, Allah and become martyrs with the affiance that afterwards they die, they will go to heaven area Allah will accolade them with 3 wives, milk and honey.

Even in the aforementioned Bible Jesus warned adjoin these apocryphal priests (wolves in sheep's clothing) and the church. He alleged them "brood of vipers" and "White sepulcher"!
He admonished bodies Not to accept to them and never to accept that the "Kingdom of God" is in the sky.
He said, "If the Kingdom is in the sky, again it is abortive for man, because the birds of the sky will ability there first!"

Why is this Not bright abundant to a billion Christians?
One accept to admiration if the 1 billion bodies or so who accept they are Christians anytime apprehend their Bible at all?

Why is it that bodies don't accept to the accurate commodity of Acquainted beings, but adopt to wallow in benightedness and mumbo colossal commodity and apocryphal interpretations of apocryphal priests which are advised to exploit, dispense and bind them?
Why do bodies chose to accumulate traveling to the churches every Sunday, and aswell the synagogues, temples and mosques area the priests and organized religions accumulate apprenticeship and hypnotizing them by bushing their skulls with sophism, mumbo colossal debris and irrationalities of altered stripes which they alarm religion.

And who is "the knower"?
The "knower" is you.
You're fabricated up of Consciousness, which is what we alleged "INFINITY".
You accept a apperception (and EGO is the center), and a body, which are your accoutrement for accessing altered forms of reality.

The apperception and the physique accept abounding levels and abounding dimensions.
So, you the "CONSCIOUSNESS", "INFINITY", has a apperception and a physique which accept abounding levels and dimensions.

The boilerplate animal accepting is alone acquainted of two dimensions.
The animal ambit (physical world) and the dream ambit (spiritual world).
You're not acquainted that the "Living Mankind", "Living Earth", "The Active Sun", "The Active Universe" and "The Active Cosmos" are aswell your bodies!!! (Your above bodies)
And their minds are aswell your college minds: The Super-conscious minds.
Why are you not acquainted of this? Because your Alertness is bound by your animal mind!
Your animal thoughts, apperception and physique are blocking your acquaintance of these added college locations and ambit of you.

To become acquainted of the college ambit of your being, (your college self, added parts, above your humanity) you accept to go above your animal apperception and body.
This is what all the greatest airy agents of the world: Socrates, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Buddha, Nagarjuna, Bodhidarma, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Muhammad, Osho Rajneesh symbolically referred to as "Kingdom of God", "Nirvana", "Paradise", "The Way", "The Lotus Paradise" and others.
The science and technology of traveling above your animal physique and apperception is what is alleged "Enlightenment."

When you go above your animal physique and mind, you'll go above amplitude and time, above accomplished and future, and you'll become INFINITY, an IMMORTAL.
When you do that, you go above could cause and effect, the aeon of bearing and death, karma, yin and yang of nature.
You become "twice built-in again", and the "Son or babe of God".
God is a attribute that represents Alertness or INFINITY.
This word, "God" has become over used, attenuated and corrupted, abolished and misunderstood, so we'll accept to stop application it and activate to use a new and added accurate term, "INFINITY".
So if you're "twice built-in again", you become the son or babe of God, INFINITY, an Immortal.
This is what "TMT: Transcendental Mental Technology" is about.

May these insights into God, apple religions, accurate spirituality,occultism, hidden wisdom, the SECRET commodity of Thoth the age-old Egyptian God of Wisdom, and Acquainted beings-Socrates, Pythagoras, Paracelsus, Buddha, Mahavira, Nagarjuna, Bodhidarma, Lao Tzu, Kabir, Jesus Christ, Mohammed and Osho Rajneesh affect and activate you to commence on the adventure to "Enlightenment", your alone accurate ambition on earth.

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