Monday, 29 August 2011

BlackBerry Phones Will Get Android Apps -- Bloomberg

BlackBerry Phones Will Get Android Apps -- Bloomberg 

RIM will add admission to Android apps on BlackBerry phones that run its new QNX operating system, Bloomberg reports.
BlackBerry Phone

New BlackBerry phones will about-face to QNX by Q1 2012, by a lot of reports. The accepted BlackBerry 7 phones will not be able to advancement to QNX.

The BlackBerry PlayBook already runs on QNX.
RIM said the PlayBook would get Android apps this summer, but that is searching beneath likely.
In adjustment for QNX accessories to run android apps, they charge a abstracted "Android player." The Android Amateur will appear pre-installed on QNX BlackBerry phones.
Google's Android Market has about 250,000 apps, which Bloomberg says is six times as abounding in RIM's BlackBerry App World.

Android is the a lot of accepted adaptable OS on the planet appropriate now, and abacus abutment for its apps will acceptable add to BlackBerry's appeal.
RIM beneath to comment.
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