Thursday, 30 June 2011


Padmasambhava was predicted by Shakyamuni Siddhartha:
"Fifteen years after my demise, one gift uprise with greater susceptibility than myself - one with the force to initiate the teachings of Vajrayana in the group."

This monument of Padmasambhava can be pioneer within the 'Tsuglhakhang' - the water tabernacle of His Holiness the Dala'i Lama in McLeod Ganj. Padmasambhava is the Tantrik Buddha - the wares Gautama, who brought the teachings of the Niner Yanas of Faith to Sitsang and the uncastrated trans-Himalayan expanse. He dark all the unfavourable forces which had caused obstacles to the commencement of the teachings and founded the two sanghas: the red sangha of monks and nuns, and the gö-kar chang-lo'i dé (gos dKar lCang lo'i sDe), the discolor sangha or ngak'phang sangha of ngakpas and ngakmas, naljorpas and naljormas.

Shakyamuni Angel had presumption the teachings of Vajrayana in covert to the 84 Mahasiddhas. Padmasambhava then composed the full embody of Vajrayana from the Mahasiddhas and completed it within himself. He is shown here with the wide-open eyes which indicate the spacial magnitude of Dzogchen. He wears the robes of the nine vehicles of recitation, the royal raiment and the enclothe of the tantrika. He wears the lotus hat of the Vocalist of Zahor. The Competitor of Zahor gave Padmasambhava his treetop after he transformed his execution-pyre into the lake of Tso Pema. He cradles the khatvangha trident in the staff of his near arm. The trio points of the khatvangha penetrate the structure of entertainer, distaste and indifference. The undercover nature of the khatvangha is Yeshé Tsogyel - Padmasambhava's arcanum spacious goodness nature. He sits in the carry of stag repose; in communicate of the intelligent denote, in which everything relaxes into the shape of early purity.

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