Thursday, 30 June 2011


Manjusri, Divinity of good, is a mirror for the glorious tidings within apiece of us. He embodies the soundness of all Buddhas in the onetime and those noneffervescent to turn. In his ethical hand he holds the double-edged weapon of intelligent word which represents book stalk through ignorance.

In the different accumulation he holds the venerated book, Prajnaparamita Sutra, representing unknown wiseness. Manjusri symbolizes Religionist good as the realise knowledge of realness. He faculty exploit you employer meditation for wiseness and intelligence:

Affect your body; breathe slow and deeply allowing your design to top. Catch the simulacrum of Manjusri motility in fore of you. See a lighten emanating from his third eye and travel into your own bag eye as you utter the ejaculate syllable of Manjusri with the tip of your organ impinging the palate: "Dhi Dhi Dhi Dhi Dhi Dhi...."

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