Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Buddhist Ethics

It is known that Buddhism is the more "religions".  An important party of the Noble Path of eight times put in report to the of driving for several a practice of buddhist one principally consists in "while maintaining of the; a lot of Bhikkhus it sees in the Vinaya governs the gasoline of religious life; and several of the awaited of these have Buddhahood a sound in the nature.  More the teaching of the Buda how goes only and exclusively with could serve it as a true objective of the buda-dhamma, that is to serve as a path or it that they carry to the of the.  To the norms of the of buddhist one it is essential for this end that will guarantee not only ignorance that is the true meaning of the.  The tendency of some Dhamma for the Buddhism as only another when it put before the to the Dhamma that cannot be able to distinguish itself between the of buddhist one and of the of others and can conclude that Buddhism has nothing as new to offer. 

All the religions inculcate a basal one, if while putting in report the individual or social driving.  Really the support of a does not need an a religious ARMATURE, and certain: of big one of the world (for example or Confucio) did not feel the for the one.  The religion - modern world, as Humanism, as the rationalisme, or as Communism, has all its own norms of the by that we can for.  Then, is she, the of the of buddhist one?  This question can in a lot of direction, but here that we will look at it from the standpoint of three. 

Before all there is of the yes the.  When we which actions are "good" and which is believed in, it will seem that there is a lot an agreement between the.  Such actions want to kill, the flight, a bad sexual driven, and the lie seem universally.  The arise when we examine the question more of for example when we on the basis for these if they are absolute or are of certain a fine other, and cetera.  The against the slaughter can taken as an example.  A lot of proscriben only the slaughter of humans an assassination), but Buddhism applies the all the sensitive existence.  Of more again in the case of the humans, the exceptions are allowed sometimes, for example for a war "holy" or "just".  Buddhism admits of bruise exemptions.  In Buddhism it of actions of the mental factors his commission or again a contemplation, and in impact they have in the others.  If an action is committed by miserliness, aversion or the deception that is (akusala) insalubre, but the of reprehensibility a (and a karma) of an entire host of factors.  Again a slaughter "accidental" could have of the if it has by and unmindfulness that is a class a "Deception" (moha).  Which has proverb of the slaughter, can also to the others also.  Of more one of not buddhist one for in the Five (siila of that the minimal one proportions only for the driving of the convers. 

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