Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Buddhism in Bangladesh

Banglades has an essential part of Vanga or old Bengal.  On the registers of the texts of Pali, the one of the first disciples of the Buda, Vangisa has drink on this part.  Although we do not have sufficient if Buddhism has in under the Emperor Asoka (the IIIe B.C.)  .  But the inscriptions of Nagarjuna of Asoka that dates back to the IIIe dC are that this faith followed in under the of Anoka.  The name of Vanga has these inscriptions a lot of monks of have to propagate the Buddhism in this party.  To the View dC, the Chinese, Iron Hien has Tamralipti (the western Bengal, India) and it has 24 of the buddhist, huen-tsang has left the Bengal to the VIIe dC.  In Samatata (the quotation Mark, a district of Noakhali of presenta it has again 30 2000 monks that belong Sthavira Sangha, in Karnasuvarna (the Bengal of the north) 10 with 2000 monks that belong Samityas.  Outside of in Tamralipti, it has only 10 with 1000 monks that belong Sarvastivada.  In Pundravardhana (according to Mr. Cunningham that is Mahastan, 7 thousand to the north of presenta a district of Bogra of it has 20 with 3000 monks that belong Mahayana and Sthavira Educa.  This does also by several they go the others counts by a lot of Chinese that have the Bengal in the space of following time.  Certain of these have of the famous world-wide one as Somapuri, taxila, Udantapuri and etc.. of Vickramasila.
Buddhism in Bangladesh
 In the of Peel (750-1150 Buddhism A.D.), it is at the beak of the height under the assistance of Reyes of Pala as of Gopala, of Dharmapala and etc.. of Devapala.  In the of the Peel has the of now Buddhism in.  They have buddhist and under his parrainage some world-wide famous one as Somapura Mahavihara, Shalban Vihara, Paharpur Maha Vihara, Vickrampuri Mahavihara, etc.. Vihara it has in.  Under its the biggest one They See.  Acariya Sri Jnana or Atisa of the Bengal (982-1050 UN.D) has an important paper to propagate Buddhism.  While following the descent of the Peel, the Bengal is the hand of the Addresses.  But its do not have a length and the prompt Bengal came under the Moslem occupation.

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