Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Who Are The Top 10 Sexiest Changeable Idols In Korean Pop?

Who Are The Top 10 Sexiest Changeable Idols In Korean Pop? 

This time around, MTV K chose the top 10 sexiest changeable idols through all-encompassing analysis (we had Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” on repeat), accumulating of accurate abstracts (how abounding added photoshoots did one idol do?) and …..yea, just kidding! It’s absurd to not admit these changeable idols’ adult allure anon — they boss the date and every photoshoot they appear across.
Vote for who you anticipate is the sexiest changeable idol!
Next up…sexiest macho idols! You won’t wish to absence that one.

Rainbow‘s  Jae Kyung

Rainbow‘s baton Jae Kyung is able-bodied accepted for her admirable face and absolute accommodation (Secret Garden‘s Kim Joo Won would apparently accede her his ideal type). When Rainbow alternate with a darker concept, admirers admired her new added complete look.


With Brown Eyed Girls‘ hit “Abracadabra,” the accumulation alien the “adult idol” angel to K-Pop with Ga-In demography the spotlight (she tries to abduct you all throughout the video…). Her copious use of eyeliner and adulation of tiny apparel gives her an adorable air.

Wonder Girls‘ Yubin

Wonder Girls‘ Yubin is usually alien one of two ways…the rapper or the adult rapper. Wonder Girls may accept a wholesome angel but Yubin’s attendance gives the accumulation a absolutely altered feel with every concept.


BOA‘s date attendance is unbeatable. She doesn’t charge absolute apparel or atrocious choreography to be talked about. She uses her adulation of different make-up, able songs and instantly archetypal dances instead.

Park Bom

 Park Bom gives 2NE1‘s hip-hop/R&B/pop angel a adult edge…especially on stage. Her trademarks cover her continued hair, blubbery eyeliner and micro skirts. Even admitting there were a few arguable online writing about the breadth of her dresses, mini-dresses are consistently a plus!


HyunA‘s dancing abilities are acclaimed but it’s what she does with the choreography that landed her on this list. Does the hip casting ball from “Change” or the advance leg ball from 4minute‘s “Mirror Mirror” ring a bell? HyunA takes absolute dances and makes them absolute scandalous.


After School‘s baton Kahi has acme and absolute appearance but it’s her enviable abs that has a lot of babe groups allurement her for her secrets. It’s not just her looks that accomplish her so adult — she stands out with just her attendance even in a accumulation of nine.


G.NA may accept just fabricated her admission but she’s been all over the account and on array shows due to both her articulate aptitude and her acclaimed body. Her alluring physique is usually the accountable of her interviews and she’s insisted she’s all accustomed added than once. Cue the CM offers!


The best ballerina in Girls’ Generation may be Hyoyeon, the affiliate with the a lot of aegyo, Sunny, but if it comes to the sexiest affiliate in Girls’ Generation, it’s easily down…Yuri. Were you just as bugged during her scenes in “Hoot,” and “Tell Me Your Wish?”

Lee Hyori

Lee Hyori‘s name is alike with sexy. She’s won best bikini physique on added than one poll, her Cosmopolitan shoots advance like blaze already they’re out and her eye smile is her better asset. How can you altercate with this?

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