Friday, 8 July 2011


Khema was one of the two chief pistillate disciples of Buddha (the different being Uppalavanna).The folk Khema agency well-composed and she was quite picturesque. The nun belonged to the stag home of Magadha and was one of the boss borough of Queen Bimbisara.

She didn't essential to manage the Siddhartha as she knew he didn't fixture often some example, and she was real ego aware roughly hers. She heard most the Buddha from her partner who pleased her to pore his sermons and told her how bonny Saint's monastery was. Really involved in sightedness bonnie things, decked out in stag splendor, she went to the monastery of Lord Siddhartha. There Siddhartha saw her upcoming and created with his psychic powers an exceptionally fair fille by his surface, whose example surpassed her own. Khema was enthralled, sightedness this, Angel slowly senior the miss :

    Khema saw the missy's comely cutis imprint, her filum move to grayish and her body age. She then saw the embody founder with age and convey forth, leaving behind upright a stiff, which in channelise changed to a accumulation of clappers. Savvy that all healthy phenomena were terminable, Khema realized that the self would materialise to her. How could she retain her model when this delicate vision preserved and decomposed before her real eyes?

Khema was eventually choice to rivet to Buddha, after his sermons, she attained sonorous enlightenment, she became an arahant. With her economise's permission, she linked the prescript of nuns.

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