Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Gandhara Heritage in Pakistan

Pakistan is the earth, that dressed Alexander that of the fruit salad in 326 ac, with, that the influence of the Greek culture came into this region.  Ac II was the century, here where buddhism such as the country religion was adopted, that is had is victorious here more than 1000 years and, the century ac II, jusqu beginning ' in the century x dC.  The blow and the Charsaddah Soudains (old Pushkalavati) came this Taxila of time, is the trade three of the culture important centers and to learn.  Hundreds and stupas are with Greek and with that by Kushan constructed become like Sirkap and with Sirsukh two in Taxila.  Just of these centers, an art of the sculpture came, who was known like the type de Gandhara by the world.  Today the sculptures of Gandhara take in an important place in the museums of England, France, Germany, the USA, Japan, Korea, the Chinese, India and Afghanistan with many people that collections withdrawn on,, just as as in the museums of Pakistan.  Nevertheless that of this type is issued is de Gandhara "quickly Buddha" of that in the museum of Lahore now, Lahore only.

The light of the Islams penetrated or this region seat VII of century super, AT. of west with the Arabians and that of century x of the north with that.  Islam replaced the first way of life, honor have in you, who idol and the new philosophy Glaubens or God.  With Islam or wine cultivates on the new or this earth of Arabia and headquarters Asia.  Of there, in the new type of the architecture until now, that this sector is stranger or is, become.  Madrassahs, that become created and that by the Moslem in the subcontinent, is the game results of thousands mosque.  The new style of the Islamic architecture has is victorious and is ripened or dies this earth that one thousand year.  The most important contribution of the Moslem to this earth is nevertheless in new "Urdu" of the language, that came, that is the national language of Pakistan since then or or 1947. 

That of our ancestors in this fraud of our 14th of August, 1947 wines I exist us therein, to love, who can be named the ace the national heir by Pakistan.  Then richer is and or that is, is this inheritance that the Pakistani nation or the glorious past can be proud, the postal service the Islamic or before Islamic period Islamic or measures Schon with the stop clock.  Where another country is heavy, to find that this box produces the treasure the days, gone ace can be found or Pakistan.  Where our stop or that and the flight is now or to class on us with practice, our heir national, and. 

 The arrangement of NFCH is in the profit and in the interest, is shown the wide audience of there because the arrangement or 1994 hundreds either of the agencies and of different Individuen the maintenance that maintenance and the edition of the national Erbes were received of Pakistan.  Where anticipated becomes, that with the patronage, that of the government, that is continued humanitarians and that in NFCH, that above named reach can goal. 

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