Saturday, 11 June 2011

Buddhist Chanting, What is Buddhist Chanting

To Chant around mantra in Buddhism is in the center itself of a practice.  In Japan, many people Tokyo (the holy texts) lecture or would repeat mantras before Butsudan (the altar of Buddhism).  Tokyo is Sutra of the heart that you here. 

Chanting is a joint practice in many religions however the people, often is forgotten known had why chant or the reason never.  We will investigate here some of that why is indebted, chanting to give you the newspaper and it some whereby, to chant. 

What Chant to?  A picture costs said has one thousand how a, go and costs a video a million if views please this short video of a group, the Sutra of the heart (the Japanese version).  Please the comment that different traditions have the rhythm and different speed.  It has probably is sung that a slow rhythm that is the meditative goals, a zen group. 

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