Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Buddhism won the best peaceful Religion Award in the World

The Coalition of International one of A - for the of Religious one and the (ICARUS) has The Better Religion In the World a Buddhist one grants this in the.  This price has in for an international round table of more than 200 religious leaders of every party of witty ghost.  It fascinated to notice that a lot of religious leaders for the Buddhism before your own religion although Buddhist does a small letter of the association of ICARUS.  Here the commentaries are by four members: 

Jonna Hult, the Director of Investigation for ICARUS said that this does not have a surprise me that Buddhism has the Better Religion in the World, because we could find not a unique case of a war in the name of Buddhism, by contrast every two religions that seems to maintain a rifle in the closet only to the case the God commits an error.  I have in the of again to find a Buddhist one that never had with a.  These people practice what they a certain one not at not simply could all inform us with any other witty tradition.  A Catholic, the that Ted O'Shaughnessy said Belfast, as much as I love Catholic, has me always in vain that we the love in our an again of the of God when it comes to kill human others.  This is the reason why, I had to vote for the Buddhist ones. 

Such a cash Register Wassad Moslem has Pakistan breadth of his translator.  While I am a Moslem I can see how much and of blood is in the religious expression before that with a personal level.  The Buddhist ones have that it has.  The cash register Wassad, the ICARUS that votes a member for the Pakistan 's the Moslem one has that, indeed, certain of my better friends are Buddhist. 

And the Rabbi Shmuel Wasserstein said of that, well I love an and I think that this is the biggest religion in the world.  But for I practiced one of Vipassana every day before minyan (a daily Jew) 1993.  Then I obtain it. 

Nevertheless, there was one - ICARUS could not find that not anybody to allow the price.  All the Buddhist ones that they maintained to say do not have the price.  When why the a Buddhist birmana has in the price, a monk of Buddhist Bhante Ghurata Haunted said Birmanie, one for thanks Us for the recognition, but we give this price all for lies of nature of Buddha in each of ourselves.  Groehlichen put itself to say that we will maintain to ring around what we found a Buddhist one that will accept.  We will allow that it knows when we do. 

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