Wednesday, 25 May 2011

How to Choose a Digital Camera

The numerical rooms cost more out of the case than regular rooms, but offer the suitability of the immediate vision, storage of l' multiple image, connectivity of l' computer - and it n' there does not have film to convert.


1 Buy the room with the resolution higher than you can be allowed, at least 2 to 3 pixels of the megapixels (2 million with to 3 million), s' it is possible.

2 Seek a crystal lens of 100 percent in comparison with plastic.

3 Buy a room with so much RAM as you can be allowed. More RAM that the room can store more tables, therefore to you n' means; do not need them to transfer or d' to erase like often.

4 Espérez that the buzz is the characteristic which you will use the majority. Compare optician, in comparison with numerical, the capacities of the buzz.

5 Compare the d' modes; spark, s' it them there A.

6 Made of research on sights: Seek a reflector view finder (of by--lens) thus qu' an exposure of the LCD.

7 Consider l' autofocus and characteristics the macro one, obturador-lanzan of times delay, and dependent software.

8 Comparez additional features that you may be who wants: permutable lenses, constant-shooting, d' mode; explosion, exposure convey, automatic white balance, note of voice, speeds obturador of variables, manual hearth and even-accountant of time.

9 Comparez dismountable means several types (if you need more d' space d' storage for its photographs).

10 Made research on batteries, shippers and the characteristics of battery-l' economy.

11 Cherchez additional features that you may be qu' it needs, for example l' USB or IEEE 1394 connectivities (of the firewire) (to connect the room with the suitable port in its computer), an indicator battery-time-remainder, an adapter of CA or connections video-towards were it to make leave to a television.  

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