Thursday, 24 March 2011

Monotheism and Sacrifices of Vedic Religion


Brahmanism depends on the monotheistic theory of believing that the universe is created with its being including the human being by the God named Mahābrahma. For the purification of men and for worldly happiness performing sacrifices had been recommended by this religion and that was multifarious. The sacrificial ceremony could be conducted only by the Brahmin priest and it was much wealth and resources consuming too.

The Kutadantasutta of DN explains how once Brahmin KūTadanta had organized a great sacrifice.

 “At that time a great sacrifice occurred to Brahmin KUTadanta. Seven hundred bulls, seven hundred young bulls, seven hundred young cows, seven hundred goats and seven hundred sheep were brought at the central post of sacrificial hall for sacrifice.”

åssamedha yAaga (the sacrifice of offering horses), purisamedha yAga (sacrifice of offering men) and other sacrifices related to water named sammopAsa, vAjapeya and nIraggala were other form of Brahmanic sacrifices to be preformed by the lay people. The establishment the economic and social stability of Brahmin caste puts subjecting many other into suffering

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